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Tips For A Smoother Move

21 June 2019
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Everybody has tips and tricks for moving. Maybe you have read and reread some of the more common tips, but you might not have read some of the more unique ones. Some of these tips may also surprise you, when you realize that you did not even think about scenarios in which your smooth moving experience might foul up. Here are some fresh moving hacks, for your consideration. 

Get Your New Apartment a Week Before the First of the Month

If you can, get your new apartment or house a week before the first of the month. Some landlords/ladies are willing to throw in the extra week for free just to guarantee that they will have income now and that you will get the apartment. Others may prorate the extra week, but it is totally worth it. 

Begin Moving Small Loads in Your Car/Truck as Soon as You Sign the Lease/Rental Papers or Title/Mortgage Papers

In short, as soon as those keys are in your hand, begin moving small car loads of stuff to the new place. The less you have to load onto your moving truck on moving day, the better. Since a majority of your small stuff can easily be packed in boxes, taken to the new place, unpacked and put away, you can do a load daily and continuously reload the boxes every time. You will need far fewer boxes and less time to move everything later. Additionally, you will have less to unpack and feel more settled on moving day knowing that a lot of your stuff is already at the new house/apartment. 

Hire a Moving Crew

Even though you may have less to move, hire a moving company's employees anyway. Those friends and family that said they would help often duck out at the last second, and then you are stuck with little help to make this move happen. The moving crew is guaranteed, because you paid for them, so they will show up, to help.

Rent a Truck That Is Slightly Larger Than What You Think You Will Need

You may have been moving small loads on your own all week or for two weeks straight, but you should still rent the truck that is slightly larger than what you think you will need. The reason for this is that you will probably have that one, odd-sized or odd-shaped piece of furniture that does not fit on a smaller truck. If you have the bigger truck to start, that is not a problem at all.