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storage units for family fun equipment

Do you live in an apartment with your family? Do you find it difficult to find the space that is needed for the equipment and things you need for family fun? I was having a very hard time finding room in my apartment for the summer fun equipment for the entire family. Our family really enjoys going on bike rides together, but we didn't have anywhere at the apartment to store bikes of our own, so we would rent bikes at the local trail. I finally had enough with spending the money on the rentals and bought each member of the family a bike. We have since used a storage unit to store the bikes and many things we need for family fun. Find out how we have maximized our family fun by utilizing a storage unit.


Tips For A Smoother Move

21 June 2019
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Everybody has tips and tricks for moving. Maybe you have read and reread some of the more common tips, but you might not have read some of the more unique ones. Some of these tips may also surprise you, when you realize that you did not even think about scenarios in which your smooth moving experience might foul up. Here are some fresh moving hacks, for your consideration.  Get Your New Apartment a Week Before the First of the Month Read More …

Are You Organizing Your Closets?

4 May 2018
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Have you realized that it's past time to go through each closet of your house to organize it? Perhaps you have used your coat closet as a storage room, just jamming things like a card table and folding chairs against the wall. Maybe framed paintings that are not being used are learning against winter coats. Or, it might be that your children's closets have become a jumble of clothes and toys, making it hard to find things. Read More …

Things You May Forget During Your Short Distance Move

12 December 2017
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The easiest way to move locally is to hire local movers. When you are moving, there are many other things you have to worry about, so let professionals handle all of the heavy lifting. There are many things you may forget to do in the hustle and bustle of moving your belongings that will create a hassle for you in the future.  Transfer School Records for Your Kids Do not forget to transfer school records. Read More …

Worried About A Lack Of Storage Space At Home? 3 Ways To Prepare For Renting A Storage Unit

21 June 2017
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Whether you've just recently purchased a house or are frustrated with how your house is beginning to feel too small, you may be curious about going through the process of renting a self storage unit. If you've never rented a storage unit before, you may be concerned about what is involved in the process and what to look for specifically. Instead of choosing just any storage unit or doing minimal research, it's a smart idea to look into the following tips and how they can help you find the perfect storage unit when you need more space at home. Read More …

5 Tips For Running A Photography Business Out Of A Storage Facility

23 December 2015
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If you are an aspiring photographer, looking for an affordable, low-commitment space to set up your first photo studio, you might consider setting up a studio in a self-storage facility. A self-storage facility can give you plenty of room to store your photography equipment when you are not using it and set up a small portrait studio. Since a storage unit with lighting and an electrical supply is cheaper than renting a dedicated office or apartment for your studio, you can save money on rent and put that money towards accumulating quality equipment. Read More …