Are You Organizing Your Closets?

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Are You Organizing Your Closets?

4 May 2018
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Have you realized that it's past time to go through each closet of your house to organize it? Perhaps you have used your coat closet as a storage room, just jamming things like a card table and folding chairs against the wall. Maybe framed paintings that are not being used are learning against winter coats. Or, it might be that your children's closets have become a jumble of clothes and toys, making it hard to find things. From planning a day to do organizing to buying a storage unit, here are some ideas that might help you as you organize the closets in your house.

Make A Specific Plan

If you're truly serious about getting organized, you'll also need a serious plan. For example, figure out how many days you'll need to accomplish your organization project and mark that many days on your calendar. Perhaps you'll choose to do a room per day. On the other hand, you might have decided that you'd rather choose one day to get the job done. If so, think of telling your family members that there will be a special breakfast super early in the morning so that you can all work together to get your closets in order. Consider having separate sections where items can be placed. For example, one section could be designated for things that will go to a charity organization. Another section could be designated for items that will later be placed in a yard sale. And, of course, give each family member a sturdy plastic bag for throw-away items.

Buy A Storage Unit

As you go through the all of the closets in each room of your house you may have realized there's a common problem. You might have too many things you want to keep and not enough space in which to store them. If that's the case, consider buying a storage unit that can be kept right on your property. Look for storage units that are attractive, maybe with something like a barn look to them. Decide what you want to store. For example, consider putting all of your holiday items in the storage unit. Another idea is to store things like sports equipment and camping equipment in the storage unit. The great part about having a storage unit right on your own property is that you can access our belongings any time you need them. 

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