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Do you live in an apartment with your family? Do you find it difficult to find the space that is needed for the equipment and things you need for family fun? I was having a very hard time finding room in my apartment for the summer fun equipment for the entire family. Our family really enjoys going on bike rides together, but we didn't have anywhere at the apartment to store bikes of our own, so we would rent bikes at the local trail. I finally had enough with spending the money on the rentals and bought each member of the family a bike. We have since used a storage unit to store the bikes and many things we need for family fun. Find out how we have maximized our family fun by utilizing a storage unit.


5 Tips For Running A Photography Business Out Of A Storage Facility

23 December 2015
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If you are an aspiring photographer, looking for an affordable, low-commitment space to set up your first photo studio, you might consider setting up a studio in a self-storage facility. A self-storage facility can give you plenty of room to store your photography equipment when you are not using it and set up a small portrait studio. Since a storage unit with lighting and an electrical supply is cheaper than renting a dedicated office or apartment for your studio, you can save money on rent and put that money towards accumulating quality equipment. Read More …

What’s In A Box? Understanding How To Select And Seal Cardboard Cartons

11 November 2015
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While there may seem to be little or nothing to know about cardboard boxes, it may surprise you to learn there are a few best practices that can help you properly utilize them when packing. The misuse of a cardboard box can cost you both time and money should it collapse during a move. Below is more information about cardboard boxes and how to select and seal them properly: Read the label Read More …

4 Options For Cheap, Creative Packing Materials

15 July 2015
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Professional packing services can take the entire packing burden off your shoulders when you're moving, but perhaps you'd rather pack those boxes yourself and simply hand them to the movers when they arrive. Before you spend time and money shopping for styrofoam "peanuts," air-filled cushions and other fancy packing materials, look around your house for creative alternatives. Here are four unlikely but effective materials that can get your packing off to a fun, affordable start. Read More …

Life Hacks To Help Simplify Your Self Storage Experience

1 June 2015
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Whether you are planning a move or you are looking to downsize clutter to free up space in your home, packing your items for storage can be a hassle. With the occupancy rate of self storage units reaching an approximate 87%, it is clear that many people are in need of storage units. It is also indicative of the fact that packing is quite common for American households. Fortunately, there are a few life hacks you can follow to make packing and storage easier. Read More …

7 Reasons To Hire A Custom Relocation Service

12 May 2015
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Moving is one of the most stressful life events that anyone can experience. Even if you're relocating for a positive reason such as a better paying job, leaving behind a familiar community, family, and friends can be stressful. That's where custom relocation services come in -- they can help make your transition go as smoothly as possible by attending to the details specific to your personal requirements and preferences. Following are just seven of the ways that professional custom relocation services can take the stress out of moving. Read More …